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Membership Categories

Regular Membership $15.00
Regular Membership in the NSMEA is restrictive to active and active reserve (including retired substitute teachers who pay for an active reserve membership) of the NSTU.
An active reserve member is not eligible to hold elected office; however, an active reserve member is eligible to vote and serve on committees.

Student / Student Intern Membership: $7.50
Student Intern Membership in the NSMEA is available to full-time university students enrolled in education programs. A student intern member is not eligible to vote or hold elected office; however, a student intern member is eligible to serve on committees.

Subscriber: $10.00
Subscriber Membership is available to an institution or a person who is not a regular or student intern member. A subscriber member is not eligible to vote, hold elected office or serve on committees.

Make cheque or money order payable to Nova Scotia Music Educators' Association.

Your membership becomes effective upon receipt of your cheque until July 31 of that school year.

Send your completed form and cheque to:
NSMEA Membership
c/o NSTU
3106 Joseph Howe Drive
Halifax, N.S.
B3L 4L7